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Making the World of Jewish Music and Jewish Learning Accessible to You


Teaching about Jewish Music, and spreading my love of our liturgy, history, and philosophy is central to my mission as a cantor.  Here are just a few examples of the workshops and sessions that I've taught recently.

Ma'oz Tzur, Rock of Ages Through the Ages


Celebrate the first day of Hanukkah with an exploration of melodies set to the text Rock of Ages/Maoz Tzur. Sung at synagogues and family candle lightings during Hanukkah around the world, first we will study the history of the text itself and its iconic melody. Then we will explore other melodies ranging from Chasidic to Oriental, and from the most contemporary settings to the Italian "Marcello" version. Through close textual reading and some amazing recordings we will recapture the drama and beauty of this 13th century piyut (liturgical poem).


I have taught this session in person and online to both lay people and Jewish music professionals.  Check out a recording of my webinar presentation for the URJ here.

The North American Jewish Choral Festival


I've been proud to teach many workshops at the North American Choral Festival over the years - and will be teaching again this summer.


If you have even a passing interest in Jewish music, make it a priority to come to this festival.  It is a true highlight of my year - one of the peak musical, intellectual, and social experiences that gives me inspiration to keep making great music.


This year's classes:

Sheliach Tzibbur: Representing the Entire Community?

Singing in Redemption - The Mi Chamochah!

Refuge: Jewish American Refugee Composers

Road Scholar

In 2016 I had the great honor to teach for several days at the American Jewish University's Brandeis-Bardin Campus for their Road Scholar program.  4 workshops and Shabbat services!  So much music and so much learning!


Workshops offered included:

Chanting Torah around the Jewish World

L'chah Dodi - Bringing in Shabbat - Textual History and Music

Bar'chu - The Call to Prayer in Liturgy and Music

The Forgotten Story of Zionist Music in America

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