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Concert Appearances and Performances Around the World!


My Awakening, by Robbie Solomon

This is a performance from the American Conference of Cantors Convention in 2010 in Memphis, TN

Modim Anachnu Lach, by Meir Finkelstein

Recorded in 2011 in a historic concert at the Basilica Santa Maria degli Angeli e dei Martiri in Rome, Italy

Sh'ma and V'ahavta, by Salomon Sulzer and Paul Ben-Haim

From a concert at HUC-JIR Jerusalem in 2012, with Joyce Rosenzweig at the piano

Sound an Alarm (from Judas Maccabeus), by Georg Frideric Handel

Recorded at Kehilat Har El in Jerusalem, Israel

Oseh Shalom, by Cantor David Berger

This is live video from the recording session for my CD - Hegyon Libi, made in 2014

Un'taneh Tokef - Max Janowski

This is live video from High Holy Day services at KAM Isaiah Israel Congregation in 2016.

Shelter of Peace, by Debbie Friedman

Recorded at a Debbie Friedman Yahrtzeit concert at HUC-JIR, Jerusalem in 2012

The Four Questions, by Ephraim Abileah

Recorded for Congregation Tikvat Jacob Beth Torah in Manhattan Beach, CA in 2014

Priestly Benediction, by Max Janowski

This is from a concert at HUC-JIR, Jerusalem  in 2012.  Performing are a choir of cantorial students I had the honor to teach for the year.

S'u Sh'arim, by Samuel Naumbourg

From a concert at Beth Chayim Chadashim in Los Angeles, CA in 2011

Y'did Nefesh - Heart's Delight

A new composition premiered at Shabbat Shirah 2017!  This piece combines an old Chabad Niggun with some new original material, contemporary harmonies, and a rock band!

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